Face Mask Material Melt Blown Fabric

Face Mask Filter Material Melt Blown Fabric

Melt blown fabric is the core filter material of the mask, with good filterability, shielding, insulation and oil absorption.

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Water electret treatment meltblown cloth with advantage of electrostatic saturation, and electrostatic electret time is long. 


  • High filter efficiency, low resistance.
  • Light, flexible.
  • Shelding characteristic, adiabaticity.
  • Exellent oil absorbent function

Featured Performance

  • High Efficiency, Low GSM
  • Low Resistance
  • Long lasting Bacteria Filtration
  • High Penetration Resistance

Specifications and production capacity

  • Gram 30g/sqm, 40g/sqm
  • width 220mm, 230mm, 240mm, or can be cut into different widths as per customers’ request.
  • Annual output 3000tons/year.


  • BFE95, BFE98, BFE99 level meltblown cloth fabric applied for face masks.
  • N95, N99, FFP1, FFP2, FFP3, level meltblown fabric applied for face masks.


  • Health Protective Face Mask Materials (BFE95, BFE98, BFE99, PFE99, KN90, KN95, N95, N99)
  • Medical Face Mask Materials (Satisfying Standards: ASTM F 2100-04, EN14683)
  • Industrial Dust Protective Face Mask Material (FFP1, FFP2, FFP3)

Ceretificate & Test report

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