Dongying, Shandong, China. 

The city of Dongying in northeast Shandong,  population 2.6 million, is not only renowned for as second biggest oil field-Victory oil field in China but also as youngest city of China.  Dongying is center part of China’s yellow and blue economic belt with fast traffic to qingdao port, China. 

Plant 1;  No.158 Chizhou Rd, Dongying. -Sinonwx Meltblown cloth manufacturing

This plant has annual capacity of 10000tons for meltblown cloth production. ​

Plant 2; No. 103 Beiyi Road, Dongying- TEEPIPE Plastic Pipe Manufacturing

This plant has annual capacity of 300,000tons for plastic pipe production.

Plant 3; No.158 Chizhou Rd, Dongying. -nonwoven machine, face mask machine, plastic extrusion machine manufacturing- Hehai Machine

This plant covers an area of nearly 500 acres, with a construction area of 180,000 square meters.

Office 3; No.59 Fuqian St, Dongying. -Group products export- Dongying Eb International Trade co.,ltd.

The company is in charge of export business for group products which include: plastic pipe, melt blown cloth, nonwoven machine, mask machin, plastick extrusion machine and glass products etc.

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