Oil Absorbent Meltblown Nonwoven

Oil Absorbent Material Meltblown Nonwoven

Melt blown products are widely used in oil absorption products and wiping cloth, and they have oil absorption characteristics. By adjusting the gram weight, fiber thickness and temperature of the products, the oil absorption ratio can reach 12-15 times of their own weight.

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Features of Melt blown  absorption products 

The methods to deal with oil pollution in water body mainly include chemical methods and physical methods.The chemical method is simple and the cost is low, but it will produce a large number of chemical runoff, which will have an adverse impact on the ecological environment, and the scope of application will be limited to a certain extent. The physical method of using melt blown cloth to deal with oil pollution of water body is more scientific and widely used.

Functions & Properties

  • Lipophilic and hydrophobic.
  • High oil retention rate.
  • Good thermal stability.
  • Reusable performance.
  • Oil absobent performance and structural stability.
  • Large saturated oil absorption.

Specifications and production capacity

  • Gram 6-400g/sqm
  • width 3200mm, can be cut into different widths as per customers’ request.
  • Annual output 3000tons/year.


  • Oil absorbent material

Ceretificate & Test report

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