Corporate vision

Corporate vision

Since its establishment, SINONWX has always regarded "integrity, innovation, harmony and win-win" as the core value concept of the enterprise, and regarded it as the lofty mission of the enterprise to realize value for employees, for the enterprise, for shareholders and for the society.
It strives to practice the spirit of corporate citizenship, take being a responsible enterprise as its own responsibility, and actively participate in social public welfare undertakings.

SINONWX actively organizes the vast number of party members, cadres and employees to fulfill their corporate social responsibility, organizes party members and cadres to carry out educational activities on the advanced nature of party members with the theme of "helping the poor and needy, and donating funds to students", sets up a volunteer service team for party members, encourages party members, activists and youth members to actively participate in voluntary service, and gives full play to the exemplary and leading role of party members and cadres in the volunteer service team.
Attract and drive more outstanding volunteers to get closer to the party organization and become the backbone of corporate social responsibility.

As an enterprise with a strong sense of corporate citizenship and social responsibility, SINONWX will continue to take "devoting itself to public welfare undertakings, advocating corporate responsibility, caring for the growth of young people, and promoting social progress", strengthen social responsibility and moral construction, actively participate in all kinds of social public welfare activities, infect society through philanthropic deeds, carry forward the spirit of charity, enhance public charity awareness, and promote the further integration of enterprises and social public welfare undertakings. To make a positive contribution to the creation of a social environment of "mutual assistance and progress, beauty and harmony".

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